Membership is about the development of the community, networking your business and enlightened self-interest. If you live, work or do business anywhere in and around the Town of Bancroft including its surrounding Districts (as a chamber we represent six counties including fourteen municipalities all within an hour’s radius from the Town of Bancroft), then the economic viability and livability of the communities is of concern to you.  This being said, the Chamber of Commerce is working collectively for you. It speaks loudly, clearly and regularly on behalf of business holding memberships with the Chamber.

Has Economic Impact with Visitors, New Residents and New Businesses: The Chamber is typically the first place a visitor, new resident, prospective new resident or a business prospect will visit. The Chamber is the community*s spokesperson and business partner who provides information about, and promotion of the community.  As a community, what we do today will determine what we are tomorrow.

Join as a member of the Chamber today and see WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU!

New Business Contacts: As a member, you’ll have access to many special events and activities throughout the year attended by many potential new customers.

Publicity and Marketing Opportunities: As a member, you will be listed and promoted in the annual Destinations Guide / Membership Directory. Members are also encouraged to display business literature in the Chamber Office, and to utilize the website for a free category listing. Additional special advertising opportunities are available to include: Event Sponsorships, the Chamber monthly e-newsletter, and Website.

Referrals: On a daily basis the Chamber responds to numerous requests for business, visitor or relocation information, including services available in the area. Members of the Chamber are given priority regarding referrals.

Community Salesperson: The Chamber serves as a spokesperson of the community. The Chamber is the community’s business partner in providing information and promotion of the community to interested parties.

Member to Member (M2M):  Your chamber is always working to find ways that we can increase the benefits and services offered to our valued members.  There are hundreds of people connected to the BDCC and with this being said, we have special member based promotions that we would like to ask you to take part in, should you join as a member.  As a business owner, you understand the challenges of remaining competitive and profitable, as does the BDCC.  We have assembled an exciting array of initiatives that we are eager to share with our members, one of which is our exciting Member to Member (M2M) program!

Member Benefits:

Membership with the BDCC really does have its benefits.We offer you exceptional member benefits that can increase visibility and reduce operating costs for your business. Your investment in the BDCC will generate strong returns for your business – especially if you and your staff get involved. Whether you join to build your business network, save money through exclusive membership benefits, advertise and promote your business, use the Chambers Group Insurance Plan, attend social events or for our advocacy work on behalf of your industry, your business will benefit from membership with the Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce.

Networking Events – BizAfterBiz.  This is one of the Chamber’s premier networking events allowing members to meet, exchange ideas and make important long-lasting bonds in a comfortable setting, while giving the hosting business an opportunity to showcase their workplace and gain valuable exposure.  We also have guest speakers and presenters to add that special touch to the event.

I would like to thank you in advance for considering a membership with the Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce and we look forward to having a visit with you soon.  For your convenience I have attached a copy of our membership sign-up form.  Once complete, please scan & email, fax or drop it in to our office and we will get you up and running as a member.

Please also accept this letter as an invitation to drop into our Chamber offices….even if it is just to say hello. We would love to have a visit with you and show you around. We are proud of our locations and are pleased to offer 3 new locations to better serve you. One being our Corporate location offering a fully equipped and staffed Business Services Centre (office space for rent) at 51 Hastings Street North on the 2nd floor (right across from Scotiabank). In addition, we also offer Satellite Offices and Welcome Centres in Coe Hill and Whitney. Having the two satellite locations allows us to promote and support our Chamber members stronger than ever.