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Mineral Collecting


Why is Bancroft’s Geology Unique? 

"From a collector's viewpoint".. Scientists have determined that the Bancroft Area was at one time in geological history, part of a mountain range that was over 16 kilometers higher than what it is today, known as the Grenville Province. Since the, glaciers, frost, rain and wind has worn the peaks to where they are today. Because of this, it has exposed rock that has undergone metamorphic changes due to the intense heat and pressure it was formed under, many millions of years ago. This is great news for Rockhounds because many pockets of minerals have been exposed at or near the present day surface!   

         Bancroft Gem & Mineral Club curated a mineral museum showing the geology and mineral collecting sites!

         Over 400 Mineral Specimens from Bancroft & District, Showcases of rough and cut objects using local cutting materials, Mining Diorama, Fluenscent dsplay to delight all ages! 

    Come and check it out at the Visitor Information Center in Bancroft, 8 Hastings Heritage Way. 







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